My Plan

Each lesson is meant to be brief and enjoyable. Instead of dull theory, we will center on contemplation, hands-on activities and helpful tools created by behavior experts and top-notch coaches to help you become the success you have always wanted to be.

Your Plan is split into 12 weeks

    Week 1
Equip Yourself for Success

During Week 1 of Your Plan to equip you for success for the rest of this journey, we'll teach you the simplest (yet most powerful) habit-setting techniques.
Look at the tools as the low-hanging fruit and small wins delivered to you right away.
    Week 2 & 3
Understand Your  Mind

During Week 2 & 3 we will focus on helping you understand the tricks your mind is playing on you. You'll learn to recognize your triggers, activities, excuses, underlying assumptions, and all the other critical elements locking you into a devastating procrastination cycle.
    Week 4
Establish The Momentum

During Week 4 of Your Plan, you'll prepare for success by learning the most important techniques to use right at the moment when the temptation to procrastinate kicks in.
Understanding your mind is crucial. However, that alone is not enough. Therefore, we're introducing you to practical techniques.
    Week 5 & 6
Overcome Your  Mind

Week 5 & 6 will bring your focus back to your mind and will teach you to overcome the tricks your mind is playing on you. We'll take all the elements identified in the previous lessons and turn them around to provide you with powerful mental tools to become a doer and achiever.
    Week 7
Prevent Procrastination with Daily Planning

In this part of the  journey, we'll learn how to prevent procrastination by planning every day in advance (and sticking to your plan). Benjamin Franklin summarized it all when he said, "Failing to plan is planning to fail."
    Week 8
Conquer Procrastination with Inspiring Vision & Goals

However, all of the above may not be enough (or may not last for long enough) if you don't have the intrinsic motivation to act and sustain your progress. Therefore, Week 8 will focus on helping you set and reach for an authentic vision and inspiring goals.
    Week 9
Enhance Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is considered to be one of the most important factors when it comes to procrastination. So let's make sure our self-esteem is on the level where it needs to be. Shall we?
    Week 10
Minimise Procrastination Consequences by Doing (Only) The Right Things
In this penultimate part, you'll learn to prioritize and act (only) on the items that do matter and bring tangible results. The fact is, we'll never get rid of procrastination completely. And we don't need to. The key is to be able to identify the items and projects with the highest leverage in your life.
    Week 11
Ring-fence Your Goals & Dreams
During Week 11 we'll focus on establishing keystone habits to ring-fence your goals and dreams.
    Week 12
Take A Leap!
That's it! It's the final week. Let's take a leap together and make sure we keep the results long after this program is over.