My Plan

Each lesson is meant to be brief and enjoyable. Instead of dull theory, we will center on contemplation, hands-on activities and helpful tools created by behavior experts and top-notch coaches to help you become the success you have always wanted to be.

Your Plan is split into weeks

    Week 1
Prepare Yourself for Achieving Success

In the first week of your journey towards success, we will guide you through easy and effective habit-forming strategies, especially for those who struggle with procrastination. Consider these tools as quick and easy wins that will immediately bring you closer to your goal.
    Week 2 & 3
Understand Your Procrastination Mind

In weeks two and three, we will concentrate on unraveling the ways in which your mind hinders you. You'll discover the stimuli that trigger procrastination, as well as the activities, rationalizations, core beliefs, and other crucial factors that perpetuate this vicious cycle.
    Week 4
Establish The Momentum

In week four of your plan, we will equip you with practical techniques to overcome the urge to procrastinate in the moment. While understanding your mind is important, it is not sufficient on its own. So, we will give you the tools you need to succeed."
    Week 5 & 6
Overcome Your Procrastination Mind
In weeks five and six, we will refocus on the workings of your mind and teach you how to counteract its obstacles. By utilizing the information gathered from previous lessons, we will empower you with strong mental techniques that will transform you into an action-taker and success-seeker.
    Week 7
Prevent Procrastination with Daily Planning

In this phase of the journey, we will delve into the practice of daily planning as a means of avoiding procrastination. This adage by Benjamin Franklin rings true: "Not having a plan is a plan for failure." By following through with our plans, we can set ourselves up for success.
    Week 8
Conquer Procrastination with Inspiring Vision & Goals

However, even with the best strategies and techniques, success may prove elusive without inner drive and determination. That's why in week eight, we will concentrate on creating a personal and meaningful vision and establishing achievable goals to keep you motivated and on track.
    Week 9
Enhance Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem plays a crucial role in the struggle against procrastination. Therefore, in this journey, let us strive to cultivate healthy self-esteem to ensure our success. Agreed?
    Week 10
Minimise Procrastination Consequences by Doing (Only) The Right Things

In this penultimate stage, you will be taught how to prioritize and focus on the tasks that truly matter and produce tangible outcomes. The truth is, complete elimination of procrastination is not necessary nor possible. The key is to identify and concentrate on the high-impact activities and projects in your life.
    Week 11
Ring-fence Your Goals & Dreams

In week 11, we will concentrate on building keystone habits to secure and protect your goals and aspirations.
    Week 12
Take A Leap!

And that's it! The final week has arrived. Let us take the leap together and ensure the positive outcomes endure long after this program ends.
    Week 13
Coming soon...